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Heidi is a capital raiser in New York who has a large network of passive investors from her advertising career.  Paul is a former mortgage broker in the Dallas/Fortworth area . Heidi helped Paul raise money for his attractive deal in Plano, TX which was just a bit too large for his own network.

"I am very happy to have met Paul, I could not have gotten through his hassle to find this property and make the owner to sell" - Heidi

Kelly is an experienced syndicator from Jersey City. She started her multifamily journey raising funds from friends and family, and later proved successful with larger networks. She was matched with Jacob, an ex-commercial real estate broker from Texas with extensive experience evaluating and underwriting deals. Since they matched through Dealmaker List, they have partnered on two deals.

“Meeting Jacob was godsend! Since then we’ve taken on great potential deals and I’ve been able to devote more of my time to fundraising – benefiting the both of us.” - Kelly

Jamie is a contractor with 10 years of construction experience in Arkansas. Lydia is a retired executive from Los Angeles who has 7 deals of key principal experience.  Jamie found a value add C class property in Little Rock, Ark. and Lydia lent her resume to close a Fannie Mae loan.

“I was thrilled to get matched to someone with such great experience in construction. This allowed us to partner in more opportunistic deals with higher upside, which gave me comfort on signing on the loan and joining the deal” - Lydia