Card Crunch (Beta)

For Multifamily Investors

Save hours of uploading investor business cards by letting us do the work.

Use your time where it matters - by connecting and building meaningful relationships with multifamily investors you’ve met.

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Card Crunch is a business card transcription feature by Dealmaker List to help you organize and maintain your multifamily investment leads from events and conferences.

Never lose valuable business contacts. Dealmaker List Card Crunch Beta exports your investor business cards for you so you can quickly find them when you need it the most.

Access your business card contacts and their details anytime in your personal Card Crunch spreadsheet that you can import directly into your existing CRM.

Grow your multifamily network easily by building a better database you can maximize to establish meaningful connections.

Effectively touch base by letting us do the email introductions between you and your contact so you can start building the relationships you want without lifting a finger.

Saving your business card contacts is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Take a photo of your business cards and attach them to a new email.

Make sure it’s the side where all the contact details are!

Step 2

Email us your business cards.

Send your email to Remember to use your Dealmaker List account email when sending.

Step 3

Sit back and relax! You’ll receive a link to your personal Card Crunch spreadsheet with your business card information via email.

We make sure that you connect, not forget!

Card Crunch will also send an introductory email between you and your new contact to make keeping in touch after your event a lot easier.

Card Crunch is a service available exclusively for Dealmaker List members.

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